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People wearing uni-colored damask

Rich uni colors

The most famous guinea brocade for stunning and brilliant colours. 

Graceful luxury

The piece-dyed uni-coloured damask is particularly famous in Western Africa and in Europe. It allows you to apply your favourite motives on a large variety of colours with the particular brilliant shine - even guaranteed after washing.

At BARILUX textiles, you can choose from more than 500 different colours. Our regularly updated catalogue therefore allows you to meet your customers' expectations between traditional colours and new trends. 

We are at your disposal to assist you in choosing the adequate colours, if needed. Thanks to our experience, we will guide you to the best combination between colours and motives, identifying the colours in fashion and adapting your production to your clientele. 

On Youtube, you can check out some creations with uni-coloured guinea brocade.

The DREWS quality

DREWS BAZIN is the exclusive brand of BARILUX textiles. Discover now our history.

Our catalogue

White traditional or printed, uni-colored, yarn-dyed or light voiles: check out our catalogue of BARILUX textiles.