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Our catalogue

White for traditional dyeing, piece-dyed, printed, yarn-dyed...
At BARILUX textiles, we offer all kinds of guinea brocades. All of them are woven with the best yarns made of high quality cotton.

Explore our catalogue and click on the respective photos to learn more:

Green uni-colored guinea brocade

Uni Colored

The Number One

The most popular bazin for stunning and brilliant colors. Unlimited possibilities. 

Printed Guinea Brocade with colorful leave pattern


The innovative One

An explosion of patterns and colors! Welcome to the world of printed damask. 

yarn-dyed guinea brocade with contrasting effect


The elegant One

Guinea brocade with contrasting colors and refined motives. For an elegant appearance.

traditional white guinea brocade


The classic

The brocade for traditional dyeing. Ideal for important celebrations and ceremonies.

innovative guinea brocade with lotus effect


New Features

At BARILUX textiles, we constantly work on the development of new kinds of guinea brocades. 

Leno Voile

Leno Voile

The Light One

Exclusively at BARILUX textiles, we offer our leno weave as light voile. Luxurious comfort.

The DREWS quality

People wearing guinea brocade

DREWS BAZIN is the exclusive brand of BARILUX textiles. Discover now our history.

The company BARILUX textiles GmbH

Our company BARILUX textiles is based in Hamburg, Germany. Discover our range of services for wholesale merchants.