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Innovative guinea brocade with Lotus effect

Our innovations

For you and your partners, BARILUX textiles is always striving to innovate every day.

Lotus : the stain proof guinea brocade 

New colours, new trends, new design... guinea brocade is a category requiring constant innovation to be able to continuously satisfy your customers' needs.

At BARILUX textiles we accompany you in this endeavour. This is one of the reasons why we created for instance the impermeable Lotus brocade. Be it water, tomato sauce or coffee and tea, nothing will stain this damask. Just remove the spot or splash with your hands and continue to wear the brocade with grace as if nothing had happened!

You would like to discover more innovations? Don't hesitate to contact our team if you are a wholesale dealer. We can present to you our full range of possibilities and services as well as our brand DREWS.

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The DREWS quality

DREWS BAZIN est la marque exclusive de BARILUX textiles. Découvrez dès maintenant son histoire.

Our catalogue

White traditional or printed, uni-colored, yarn-dyed or light voiles: check out our catalogue of BARILUX textiles.