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White DREWS guinea brocade

Pure elegance

The perfect match for big events or ceremonies. 

For the traditional dyeing process

Having been the long-time top-seller in Western Africa, the traditional white guinea brocade is still valued by its wearers for special occasions such as big events, religious feasts or official ceremonies. 

Adapted for local dyeing, which has a rich and admirable tradition especially in Mali, it can transform in the colours of your choice and can undergo several traditional treatments to achieve a unique and incomparable result. 

Our company BARILUX textiles also provides you with white damask (white white and off-white) adapted for Palmane dyeing, which presents itself with the typical metallic reflect. 

You are a wholesale dealer and would like to sell white traditional damask? Contact our team. It will be our pleasure to guide you through the steps to prepare and produce the brocade until delivery of the product to your boutique.

On Facebook, you can find the white brocade of our brand DREWS presented in some exclusive creations.

The DREWS quality

People wearing DREWS guinea brocade

DREWS BAZIN is the exclusive brand of BARILUX textiles. Discover now our history.

Our catalogue

guinea brocade color palette

White traditional or printed, uni-colored, yarn-dyed or light voiles: check out our catalogue of BARILUX textiles.