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The magic of prints

An explosion of patterns and colours!

A new world opens up to you

As special invention from BARILUX textiles, printed guinea brocades allow you to combine a huge variety of several motives and colours, for an even more original and unique result. 

In this new world of printed damask, creativity has no limits. Geometrical shapes, flowers, clouds or even the universe : almost everything will be possible to impress your clients.

Like our uni-coloured and yarn-dyed brocades, our printed guinea brocades maintain their brilliant shine even after washing. Our products undergo regular tests in order to supply you with the best quality.

You are a wholesale dealer and would like to start a new adventure with printed brocades? Don't hesitate to contact us : we will be happy to assist you in developing together with you the printed damask of your choice.

On Instagram, you can explore the printed guinea brocade presented in some exclusive creations tailored with DREWS bazin. 


The DREWS quality

DREWS BAZIN is the exclusive brand of BARILUX textiles. Discover now our history.

Our catalogue

White traditional or printed, uni-colored, yarn-dyed or light voiles: check out our catalogue of BARILUX textiles.